I find relationships to be the most important thing in life. The love, friendship, and memories we share with the people we love is worth savoring, worth documenting. It’s what I’m inspired by, what I find the most joy in, and what makes this job so stinkin’ fulfilling.

On your wedding day, it’s my goal to capture images that craft a story without the need for words. The photo of your dad with a tear rolling down his cheek as he gives you away. The one of your grandma tightly holding your hand when she sees you in your dress. The exchanged smiles after being pronounced husband and wife. Those are the real shots that hold the most meaning, and it’s my job to provide you with beautiful images that preserve each moment.

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I’m here to document your love and all the people, places and moments you hold close.

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I don't know about you, but the first time I hired a photographer was when we got engaged. I didn't know what to expect or even what questions to ask. Maybe a little like you, I was shooting blind and a little overwhelmed with all the wedding details and price tags. So, speaking as someone who has been in your shoes (and has been around the wedding block a few bazillion times), it’s my goal to make this process easier for you!

I promise to shoot straight (pun intended), respond quickly, and try to answer your questions before you even have the chance to ask them! I’ll send you vendor recommendations, give you timeline suggestions, location scout…heck, I’ll even come to your dress fitting! I’ll be your friend, your cheerleader, and your support all along this crazy and amazing wedding planning process!

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I’m here to document your love and all the people, places and moments you hold close.

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First, I want you to take some time to check things out. Stalk my photos, scroll through my Instagram feed and get to know me better over on my About Me page. Before you go to the next step, I want you to love what you see and love what you hear. 


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Head on over to my Contact Page to get started. I’ll reply within 24 hours with an email full of excitement, details about my availability, a full pricing guide, and we’ll get the party started! 


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Let’s connect! I want to get to know you. Let’s facetime, or better yet, if you’re local, let’s meet for coffee. I want to know more about your wedding day, hear your love story and learn how I can help you! 


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If you’re convinced I’m your girl (then put a ring on it! Lol…just kidding), I’ll send over a contract. I’m officially your photographer when you submit the completed contract and pay the retainer fee. 


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In the days/weeks/months leading up to your wedding, I’ll answer all your questions. We'll exchange plenty of emails, texts, and phone conversations…basically, I’m your third wheel up until you say “I Do.” I’ll send you my wedding guide full of all sorts of tips & tricks to help you plan out your day and get the creative juices flowing. I’ll shoot your engagement photos. Oh yeah, and I’ll send you GIF’s to make you laugh and remind you to take a break from planning and go on a date – cause after all, your love is the point!  


Plan an amazing party!

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Finally it’s time to make your adventure happen!! It's gonna be the best day in the world, and I'm honestly so excited already to be a part of it! We laugh, we dance, we cry happy tears, and I'll capture all the in-between moments that you want to remember about this day! Then you’ll head off for another adventure and, unless you bring me with you (I do photograph honeymoon sessions), I’ll head home to begin editing some incredible photos. 


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Not only will you receive a gallery filled with beautiful images of your wedding day (some that will make you cry and others making you laugh so hard you cry), but this friendship isn't over! I love capturing couples in every season of their love, and I'm only a call or email away from capturing your next adventure. Maybe it's a day after bridal session, trash the dress adventure, maternity shoot (too soon?), or an anniversary or family session down the road. Either way, I've had a blast (and hopefully you have too), so let's keep this thing going!!


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- Anastasia + Charles

"Please hire Mary! It will make your wedding less stressful and you will be better just for getting to know someone like Mary!"

Mary is fun, and she was meant to be a photographer. This is evident through her photos, of course, but also through her personality and how she works during the photos shoots. Something I loved about Mary was that the week of my wedding she texted me and told me she was there if I needed anything - and what was cool is I knew she actually would do anything if I asked! Mary has a giving heart, and she is so committed to the couples or families that she works for. I really loved working with Mary. How cool it is to hire someone for your wedding and become friends with them at the end.