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A California-based wedding and portrait photographer, outdoor enthusiast and people-person.

I live for emotion, authentic connection, unposed moments and telling a story through my photos. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the forest after it’s rained, and my favorite pastime is playing boardgames. I chase sunsets on the daily, pride myself in my homemade spaghetti and snort when I laugh too hard (although I will deny it 90% of the time). My love languages are adventures with my husband, good coffee, and our house filled with people!

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I'm Mary!





As a photographer, my job is to preserve the memories you never want to forget. As a people-person, I care about the way I make you feel.

I’m not the type of photographer who shows up, snaps a set number of images, and says “see ya!” I’m far from it actually. Consider me like an old friend and an addition to your wedding party. I’m by your side, two steps ahead of you or one step behind you. From the second you book me, I’m there, and you are my priority. I take the time to know what’s important to you, and I’ll go above and beyond to give you a killer experience that is both personal and unique.


I want to capture images that tell the narrative of your love story.

Images that are full of genuine emotion and layered with meaning. You know those photos that make you FEEL like you’re reliving the moment all over again? Yeah…those ones. I want to capture photos like those. Because, outside of memories, photographs are the only thing that tell the story, and show how you felt on the most amazing day of your life.

If you connect with this, you are in the right place! Contact me here and let’s make something meaningful.

I love adventurous couples, outdoor weddings, natural light and unplugged moments

mightier than the waves of the sea is his love for you


Wife, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Traveler

This page is a bit like home for me. A little hygge, a lotta love, a bit messy (can I say “lived in?”), an ongoing project, and an open door.

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- Alyssa

"Mary loves, believes in and supports people so well."

She is so accepting and easy to be with, so shooting with her takes any awkwardness away that you might have in front of a camera and helps you relax and be yourself. You will leave feeling like you've met an old friend when you've worked with her, and you will love not just the photos she takes, but your entire experience with her. I absolutely recommend her as a photographer and LOVE all the photos she took and the memories created taking them.

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- Anastasia + Charles

"Mary is fun, and she was meant to be a photographer."

This is evident through her photos, of course, but also through her personality and how she works during the photo shoots. Working with her felt natural - which is HUGE for me because I am not an Instagram girl, and my husband and I both don't feel super comfortable in front of the camera. Mary changed that for us! She made me feel beautiful and I feel so grateful for that.

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- Jess + Ryan

"We will recommend her to everyone we know."

Mary's authenticity and genuine passion for adventure is why we chose her to be our photographer. We wanted someone who could capture the "real" us as opposed to the edited version of us and she did exactly that.

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- Kaylee + Miles

"Mary is simply the best at capturing real moments."

I am so excited for her to shoot our wedding! I have a feeling Mary will be capturing us in the years to come as our family grows!

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