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    I’m Mary, and I’m
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As you know, I’m a photographer.

And while that’s definitely one of my favorite titles, there are many more that describe me, many more that influence the personality and passion you’ll encounter throughout this friendship.

I'm an adventurer, bride, wife, storyteller & mom

...just to name a few.

I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries, lived on 3 continents, and would quickly jump at any chance to get outside and explore a new place. I’d rather go camping in the woods or be outside hiking than lounging at all-inclusive resort or catching rides at Disneyland (sorry to all my CA friends). If you feel the same way, we’re gonna get along VERY well! There’s nothing I love more than photographing people in beautiful places around the world. You’ll find me outside, with mud on my boots, snarls in my wind whipped hair and camera in hand – let’s go explore together! 

I’m an Adventurer

i'm also a bride ⟼

ready for an adventure?

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list

Ya feelin’ it? Let’s do this thing!

My approach to a wedding day is shaped from my personal experience as a bride and continues to develop with every wedding and couple I have the honor of photographing. The way I respond to things on a wedding day are because I’ve been on the other side of the camera. I know what it’s like to have my dad walk me down the aisle or how special those vowed words are to hear. I know about the nerves, anticipation, and joy you experience when getting married. And outside of the memories, photographs are the only thing that tells the story of those experiences and in-between moments. That’s why I’m so passionate about weddings and capturing your day well. 

I’m a Bride

i'm also a WIFE ⟼

That guy making me smile is my husband Kory. We met at Bible college in Chicago, and I knew I was going to marry him just 3 months after I met him. Now we have been married nearly 9 years and have two boys, and a dog. Kory is one of those people who is so good at everything that it’s almost annoying.. He is a pastor, a chaplain, a mountain biker, a surfer, a builder and fixer of anything, and the most caring person to ever walk the planet. But more importantly, he is my best friend, the father to our kids (and the best one for the job) and a huge part of me. He brings so much love, joy, encouragement and adventure to my life, and our relationship shapes and inspires the way I photograph love. 


Let's be friends!

i'm also a STORYTELLER ⟼

I have found the one whom my soul loves

to the best man ever

The moment I picked up my first camera was the moment I began telling stories. For me, that was the point of it. I knew that my experiences would far out match the words I could use to describe them, and I didn’t want to forget one moment. So I photographed them, and I haven’t stopped since. I’m passionate about moments, and I believe that photographs are a timeless way to hold onto the memories we never want to forget. Photographs tell a narrative of our lives, from the small moments to the big life changing ones.


I’m a Storyteller.

Let's tell your story!

I have many descriptors and have held lots of titles, but Mom is by far my favorite. I’ve found the greatest joy in being a mom, and through it, an even greater appreciation for photographs. Photos have a way of transporting you right back to the moment. That's why photographs matter. They hold the space for time that flies by -- like my babies growing. Now about my babies.. I'm the mother to two boys, Zion Wilder and Zane Ocean, and they have completely stole my heart. Everything I do is with them in mind and being their mom has inspired the way I document other peoples stories.

I’M A Mom

Ready to do this? LET'S go!

And his mother treasured up all
these things in her heart

this ones my favorite

mightier than the waves of the sea is his love for you


Wife, MOTHER, Adventurer,
Entrepreneur, Traveler

This page is a bit like home for me. A little hygge, a lotta love, a bit messy (can I say “lived in?”), an ongoing project, and an open door.

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